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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news at 4:30 a. possible break in the search for the missing malaysian plane. right now military planes are scouring the ocean west of australia looking for any sight of two large pieces of debris. those scene in these satellite images, that could belong to missing malaysia airlines flight 370. good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're going to get you caught up on the latest surrounding the missing jet but first we want to check the forecast. it's the first day of spring. >> good morning to you. happy spring bay area.
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it's going to be a nice day. part of the reason why is because we're starting out nice and mild. plenty of 50s out there, and temperatures are actually running about 10 degrees warmer at this hour than 24 hours ago. we expect the 80s in some cities. i'm going to tell you. where right now, though, let's get you out the front door on a good note. >> we're looking toward palo alto. we have the speed limit let's say that, probably a little higher along the peninsula. the drive for 101 moves smoothly here. goodness, we'll show you the traffic flow actually in real life on our sensors moves as you pass by the dumbarton bridge. up past the san mateo bridge which is moving smoothly, as broadway a crash on the southbound side has cleared from the road but it's still on the chp report so there may be activity on the shoulder southbound 101 at broadway. the west of the bay looking good as far as the speed sensors go north of the dumbarton bridge and a look at the south bay in a second. back to you. >> thank you so much.
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breaking news in that search for the malaysia airlines flight 370, officials say two images captured by an australian satellite you see here, may show debris from the missing plane. that debris was spotted in the indian ocean in the southern part of the ocean west of aw australia below perth. two planes have reported back about what they found. bob redell is joining us with the breaking details. good morning. >> good morning. usp 3 aircraft have returned to australia and in spite of efforts using radar they found nothing. it was poor visibility. it was a four-hour flight. this is what they are looking for the whitish objects spotted by satellite floating on the surface of the indian ocean, one is from 75 to 80 feet in length, the other 16 feet, last night australian's prime minister announced this was quote new and credible evidence of possible debris from malaysia airlines flight 370 which disappeared 12 days ago on a flight from kuala
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lumpur to beijing. the location of this is remote, 1400 miles southwest off the coast of perth australia also in the area where some aviation experts think that 777 aircraft might have gone down. >> this is a lead, it is probably the best lead we have right now. but we need to get there, find them, see them, assess them to know whether it's really meaningful or not. >> part of the problem in finding this debris these satellite images are four days old. the reason it took so long to announce the discovery just takes time to analyze that imagery. the australian navy is sending a vessel to the area. it's not going to arrive until sunday. a cargo ship has been diverted and more planes will head out including a c-130 which will be deploying drift markers that will track the currents so they can estimate where the debris was and where it might be headed. again, part of the problem in finding those objects, that part
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of the indian ocean is not friendly. it's 9 foot seas, 25 knot winds and poor visibility. >> that is going to play such a role as you mentioned the drift, especially the fact the satellite pictures are old. >> and the other thing is no one is saying that debris is from flight 370. it's new credible evidence. it's along a maritime route where containers fall off ships. one of those objects is much longer, the other could be in that range. >> interesting. thank you so much for the latest. >> we have learned that malaysian airline desire not implea agreement simple computer upgrade that could have helped find the missing jet. it cost about $10 per flight, it would have given the direction, speed and altitude of the flight even after all communication was cut off daxt ta from a similar upgrade helped find the wreckage from the air france crash in 2009. >> of course stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage on
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the search. you can also find updates 24/7 on and through our twitter handle @nbc bay area. >> the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack on a police station that killed 10 officers in afghanistan, police say the early morning attack lasted four hours and included a suicide bomber, two remotely detonated bombs and seven insurgents. when it was over 10 policemen including the police chief were dead. all seven of the insurgents were killed. >> german chancellor angela merkel says the european union is ready to issue further until the situation in crimea. putt wans set in sochi in june. earlier this week the european union and the u.s. slapped sanctions on a handful of people but merkel says they would increase to level 2 sanctions later today. the sanctions would widen the
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list of people whose assets are frozen and are banned from traveling. >> new details this morning about the shooting death of a northern california deputy, investigators say that the suspect who killed the sheriff's deputy did not commit suicide as previously thought. they say the suspect was shot and killed by another deputy. cheney is accused of carjacking, locking the driver in the trunk, then the driver escaped but it's unclear how. hours later a deputy tried to pull cheney over but he took off. the deputies cornered him and a deputy was killed in a shootout. cheney got away but later found dead from a gunshot wound in the leg. >> neighbors on edge after violent home invasions in a normally quiet bay area community. the first happened earlier this week in milpitas on canada drive near 237. the same neighborhood where the mayor lives. police say the woman got a knock
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on the door about 9:00 in the morning, one source says she opened up because the person identified himself as a ups man. four or five men burst in, point add gun at her and tied her up. >> it's something i never thought would happen here because this is a really good neighborhood. but i'm just -- i was very shocked to get the call. >> the woman was not hurt and managed to free herself. investigators do not have a good description of any of the suspects. police in san mateo think this man tied up a woman in her home on the peninsula. this is a surveillance picture taken at an atm. officers say he was burglarizing a home when a woman caught him in the act. he reportedly tied her up and took her atm card, he used that card several times after the burglary. >> students from city college of san francisco say they will hold a peaceful vigil today in response to protests that turned violent. last week about 250 protesters tried to get into the school's administration building, you see
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this scuffle. after they were blocked by campus police. both sides began shoving, officials say one officer had to pepper spray a student. two students were arrested but later released. the protesters want add special trustee to resign, also wanted to end a new payment policy that required students to pay all class fees up front at the beginning of the semester. >> we return now to a microclimate forecast, get you out the door if that's where you are headed. a live look along the peninsula. palo alto this morning, we'll check the morning commute in a bit. let's take a peek at the south bay. live look at downtown san jose. nice and clear, it will be the first day of spring closer to 10:00 a.m. >> 9:48. glad you asked. temperature this is morning are running milder. you know it's comfortable out there this morning, laura, peggy, everybody at home. plenty of 50s. woke up with 39 in half moon bay so temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees warmer that the hour.
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headed out and about this thursday this is what you can expect. we like to call it friday eve. you are so close to the weekend now. and the weather is going to be just about perfect for this weekend. a little warm for today. as we hit the peek of this warming trend. clear, mild breeze early, we're getting dry northerly winds, by 9:17 a.m. we expect spring to start, depends on your position in the bay area. coastal low clouds this evening. and i can tell you right now it's going to be one of those evenings we get a gorgeous sunset at about 7:20. have your cameras ready for someone who likes to snap the pictures. look at the temperatures today. put it in perspective, temperatures are going to climb 1 to 2 degrees from where we ended up yesterday. so 77 degrees in the north bay, 72 in the east bay, 79 degrees out in the tri-valley. with great news on the horizon. we've got rain in the forecast and it is looking pretty robust
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for next week. i'll talk about that coming up in my next report. let's check your drive. happy spring to our mike inouye. he enjoys spring. >> i enjoy spring, yes. a wonderful thing about spring that it's one of our seasons. toward the south bay an easy drive, nothing robust about this. just light flow of traffic. let's get a look. i know it's one of four i think or four-ish. looking to the south bay, 101, traffic flows nicely. a note for tonight, sharks versus ducks so put on your teal and we have some folks wearing our sharks colors. around the bay a smooth drive mostly. the green or the yellow dipping below 60 miles per hour. your approach toward the bay bridge off of the east shore freeway. the orange, ashby avenue, we find slowing passing by cal and city streets, both active in the area. in the north bay we don't see problems but a live look at the volume of traffic through san rafael south of this map, we'll
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talk about a crash northbound 101 at deer park, not a big deal but in lanes and for the timing should move to the shoulder. that is northbound counter commute what little we have. the westbound 580 commute out of the dublin or out of dublin and livermore. you see the flashing lights, a little distracted. crews have cleared from the roadway but we have activity on the shoulder, not a problem as far as that flow goes. at the limit through livermore and dublin. >> thanks a lot. still ahead on "today in the bay" an explosive problem on the peninsula. what's keeping an entire neighborhood up all night. >> we do continue to monitor the latest developments after this satellite picture that could possibly be wreckage from the missing malaysia airlines jet. our bob redell will have an update after the break.
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welcome back everyone. a very good thursday morning to you. keeping tabs on the forecast for you. very nice day on tap. first day of spring. we'll talk more about that coming up. it's 4:44. we are following breaking news this morning.
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australian merchant ships hours from reaching possible debris spotted. the question everyone wants to know is it wreckage from malaysia flights 370? bob redell joins us with new satellite pictures of the large objects out there. >> these are objects that aircraft and vessels are trying to find, and we just got word that a norwegian vessel has arrived in that part of the indian ocean, beating that australian ship. to begin its search. you are looking at commercial satellite i wantagery of what could be debris from flight 370, one roughly 16 feet across, the other much larger from 75 to 80 feet across. was discovered by satellite four days ago, this is about 1400 miles southwest of perth, australia, it's a remote area of the indian ocean, area experts believe could be near where that 777 aircraft might have gone down in the early morning of march 8. it is also along a shipping
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route. the maritime agency cautions that it's possible that this debris is from a cargo ship. it won't know until they find it. they sent two aircraft, one u.s., one australian out to the general area. they have returned. this is in spite of using radar and whatnot, the best technology. but the visibility was so poor so they weren't able to find that. more aircraft will try to go out once the sun comes up in that part of the world. >> thank you, bob. we'll continue to check with you all morning long. >> closer to home people living in one peninsula community say they have been waking up tired for weeks and this morning they are fed up. neighbors in the north fair oaks community say soon has been setting off what sounds like professional fireworks every night for the past two weeks. families can't sleep because it sounds like bombs going off. they hope it all ends before a fire starts or worse, someone gets hurt. >> very scary.
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you don't know if they are gun shots or what, which we find out they are fireworks. >> i'm worried about the explosions because i mean they are so loud that you know, i'm thinking that it might do some damage. >> the san mateo county sheriff's department says it plans to put more deputies in the area to try to find the person launching the unwanted show. >> the city council will get an update on adding a controversial signal. more than 300 people in mountain view, palo alto and the los altos hills signed a petition asking to shut down the project. it would add traffic signals at the page mill road exit from interstate 280, critics say the signals would jeopardize the hometown feel and negatively impact property value. >> also on the peninsula this morning mountain view will move forward with plans to build a new apartment complex. last night the council approved building the 66 unit complex on west el camino real. the council ruled that the real
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estate group can move forward as long as it pays $100,000 for bike and pedestrian improvements in the area. it will stand four stories and take up an acre of land. >> one of the biggest and most expensive developments in bay area history is moving forward but san jose is not revealing who the tenant is. the massive $700 million office complex will feature ten seven-story buildings with enough space for 10,000 workers. it will be built on 30 acres and replace the bay 101 car club. this is on east brokaw road and north first street off 101 near the airport. >> right around the corner. 4:48. getting a look at the weather with miss christina loren watching it. i'm so excited to say this is the first day of spring but not until 9-ish. >> yes. the official time for san jose, 9:47. we're going to wait on that. we're still in wintertime although it was such a mild
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winter, in fact, the warmest on record here in the bay area. i can tell you right now we have a changing pattern next week, you know we're in a drought but the good news is quite a bit of rain headed toward the bay area. next week and also the first week of april we know the april showers bring. 55 in san francisco right now. at 52, good morning in the east bay and 53 degrees here in beautiful downtown san jose. as you make your way out the front door you probably need a jacket. it's milder than 24 hours ago in the 50s headed toward the upper 70s today so it's going to be nice out there. especially down in the south bay, lots of sunshine but you might want to open up the windows to get that nice breeze in there later on. that way you don't have to use the ac, i had to kick mine on yesterday but i'm kind of a wuss. the next couple days that natural ac comes off the ocean. that's going to drop our temperatures. starting to climb for monday, by late tuesday into wednesday our next weathermaker arrives. this could produce pretty good rainfall totals especially in
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the north bay. i expect about four inch there is. everything does show that we are probably going to do so. by saturday we get another round of rain and then we keep the storm system or the storm track to the south over the bay area for almost the full first week of april so. this is good news. hopefully a few inches more. we need the rain and we're getting out of our rainy season in the bay area. we'll keep you updated every day and 15 minutes on nbc bay area. back to you. >> that's why we tell them. federal investigators trying to reconstruct the body of the news hospital they're crashed in seattle killing the two men on board. much of that burned and the national transportation safety board workers acknowledge they will have a hard time putting it back together bought preliminary report could be done as early as the end of the week. the helicopter plummeted into an intersection and onto three cars shortly after takeoff on monday.
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the pilot and a photographer were killed. a man in one of the cars was badly burned. >> tough video to watch, we warn you but cincinnati reds pitcher chapman is recovering in an arizona hospital this morning, this after being hit in the face by a line drive. here's the video where it happened. take a look here. it is tough to watch. boom. right there. the reds closer hit by a line driver off perez. you can see chapman falls to the ground. he was conscious and talking as he was taken off the field on a stretcher. we are told the two-time all star broke bones above his left eye and nose. you really feel for him. boy, that is a tough hit. two months ago major league baseball approved a new cap for pitchers in hopes of preventing injuries such as that, but does not appear it would have helped in this case. >> you cringe with the pain he was going through. a pilot in an air traffic controller filed two reports
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claiming a california solar power facility partly owned by google is dangerous. the two people who remain anonymous in the report say reflections from the ivan solar power facility along the california/nevada border are extremely bright and distracting to pilots. the solar farm uses more than 170,000 mirrors to help convert the sun's rays into energy. this is video the company posted on youtube. the complaints were filed last year but just got the california regulators this month. >> 4:52. still ahead on "today in the bay," satellite images from off the coast of australia really causing a lot of people to stand up and pay attention this morning as we look at what could be debris in the ocean. military planes are scouring the water from above for any possible sign of malaysia flight 370. >> let's take a look here across the bay, on the left, the high
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rise with the headlights, on the right you see the headlights on the flat section so a clear view. easy drive across the san mateo bridge.
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welcome back to you. 4:55. as we take a live look outside. as you are hearing from meteorologist christina loren, first day of spring rolling in later this morning. excited about that. nice day on tap.
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we have an update to breaking news as military planes are scouring the indian ocean at this hour looking for pieces of debris that could be part of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the objects were spotted by an australian satellite several days ago, one believed to be a piece about 80 feet long so very significant there. coming up in the next half hour we'll have live team coverage with the latest information from that search, bob redell is monitoring that situation right now changing minute to minute. we'll have a live report coming from washington, d.c. >> in the meantime let's get a live report right now from mike inouye. >> we'll take you over the water, the bay bridge moves smoothly right now. we have overnight road crews but in the foreground the incline we don't see flashing lights so at least approaching and leaving the bay bridge toll plaza we have a clear flow. you may have one crew remaining closer to treasure island. you see the arrow, we have no slowing through into or out of san francisco. that's the route north of the
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dumbarton bridge all smooth across 92 you're looking eastbound, left to right. you see the yellow but that dipped below 60 miles per hour. not a big deal. you should go about 55 or 60 across the bridge for safety sake. here the tri-valley you'll see the first build out of the altamont pass. we're looking to livermore and dublin, no delays there or south into pleasanton. back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, flames started as a controlled burn jumped the line near salinas. firefighters were forced to put their fight on hold. >> thousands of patients are at risk of identity theft following a security breach at a bay area hospital. an easy way you can check if you are at risk.
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breaking news. search crews from multiple countries converging on a remote part of the indian ocean after possible debris from the missing flight is spotted.
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we'll have a live update. >> and fire crews waiting until day break before they resume a fight against a large wild fire in monterey county. >> good morning to you. temperatures are running milder this morning. mostly in the 40s and the 50s. some cities waking up about 10 degrees warmer, like livermore, what that means is we're going to hit the 80s today, still counting on a rainy week as we get into next week. >> so the weather's great so far, the traffic typical schedule for the tri-valley. yesterday just as you left dublin we had a problem for 580. we'll track that this morning. >> and taking you outside for a live look along the embarcadero on a beautiful thursday, march 20th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news following the search for the missing malaysian airlines plane now


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